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"Miracle Investigators" is a satirical short film about the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the Vatican office charged with validating or disproving alleged miracles worldwide. Taking this concept to its logical conclusion, "Miracle Investigators" recasts itself in the mold of a buddy cop movie, making the investigators the quarrelsome, mismatched heroes recognizable from countless cop films and TV shows. Featuring strong performances from some of Austin’s most recognized actors, an irreverently amusing script, and a surprise climactic confrontation that carries the film into a whole new realm of satire, “Miracle Investigators” is a unique comedy worth the penance you’ll have to do for laughing.

Category: narrative short comedy (student produced)
Running Time: 13 min 07 sec, including all credits
Date Completed: June 2008
Language: English with Latin
Shooting Format: super 16mm film
Available Screening Formats:
Digital Betacam
Beta SP
HD Cam
others available on request



Veteran miracle investigator Father Dominic and his rookie partner Father Justin witness a spectacular, but fraudulent miracle, and arrest its perpetrator for bearing false witness. Their superior, Cardinal Thomas, is angry at the two for their unorthodox methods, but he can’t deny they’re the best damn investigators he’s got.

Thomas assigns them another case, but Justin notes an irregularity in the case they ’ve just closed. Despite risking the wrath of both Dominic and Thomas, he persists in questioning.

Could someone be attempting to control who gets named a miracle-working saint and who does not? Could a sinister force be manipulating others ’ religious beliefs for political gain? Dominic and Justin will have to learn to work together if they’re going to solve their toughest case yet…


Father Dominic Law (Garry Peters)
A veteran of the Miracle Investigation force. He's seen it all, and has busted ninety-nine percent of it. Dominic's not looking forward to his retirement two weeks from now, especially since his replacement is...
Father Justin Davidson (Rommel Sulit)
Young, hot-headed and new to the CCS team, his idealism is about to run headlong into the hard wall of doctrine - if it doesn't run into the hard wall of Dominic first.
Cardinal Thomas (John Hoff)
Dominic and Justin's superior officer, and the first to scream at them for their renegade methods. He doesn't have time for this what with the pope all over his ass for the department's yet unsolved miracle cases.
"Choppers" (Andrew Rice)
Thomas' silent and faithful altarboy and protégé. More to him than meets the eye, but he keeps his secrets close to the vestments...
Father Alvaro Guzman (Frank Barajas)
The suspicious pastor of the tiny South American church that has just witnessed a great miracle... or a spiritual fraud.
Maria Salinas (Yesenia Garcia)
A mysterious and long-dead woman whose presence looms large over the entire case. Could the legends about her be true? Perhaps. Could she be a miracle worker? Maybe. And could she be the only woman in the cast? No doubt. Hey, it's a Catholic thing.
Cardinal Anton (Dirk van Allen)
The final word on what goes on around here. If he has to get involved, plan on doing some penance for whatever it is you just did.



Jeremy Dehn - writer / director

Lindsay Stillman - producer

Maggie Dehn - executive producer

June Lee - director of photography

Katja Straub and Shara Lange - production design

Jenn Garrison - assistant director

Action choreography by sifu David Scott and the students of
The Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin




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